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Photographer & Artist Joseph Pisani

VEGALO GmbH is specialized corporate communication, design and photography, including event photography, editorial and journalistic photography, business portraits & headshots, and architectural and interior photography. Vegalo was was founded in 2003 by New York artist and photographer Joseph Pisani www.josephpisani.com.

Combining his extensive background in both visual arts and photography, Pisani captures captivating photo imagery for clients throughout Switzerland, as well as internationally.

great photography starts with an artistic eye for detail and composition...

Pisani has lead and designed the CD/CI for many companies, creating many successful logos and visual communication campaigns. He has also had many art and photography exhibitions of his work throughout Europe, including a solo art and photography exhibition at the United Nations (UNO) in Geneva, and a permanent painting exhibition in the US Consulate offices in Zurich, Switzerland.

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