Photography Portfolio Vegalo Visuals

Compelling photographic imagery is the foundation of any effective visual communication and brand design. The visuals you select for your website, print campaign or social media presence need to consistently capture the essence of your brand design and identity, allowing your company to stand out and remain memorable in the minds of your customers and target audience. Photos from your corporate events also need to be attractive and captivating while reflecting your company's look and feel.

We're located in Zurich, Switzerland, but have had the privilege of creating some outstanding photographic imagery for clients around the world. Our photography work cuts across industries and sectors, showcasing our versatility in delivering high-quality visuals that are both striking and engaging. Working with us means that you'll not only benefit from our technical expertise and experience, but will also gain a partner who is equally passionate and committed to driving your brand's imaging goals, no matter the location.

From the tropical beaches of Thailand to the colorful and intricate streets of India, our photographic assignments have led us to some fascinating corners of the world. We've also had the opportunity to explore and capture impressive architecture and landscapes in North Africa, the rural villages and wildlife of Botswana and Zambia, and historic backdrops of Italy, Croatia, and France... You're welcome to view some of our past work in the sections below: